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  To Donate a Magazine, you can purchase a requested magazine subscription and we will mail the service member a post card letting them know that their request has been fulfilled and the service member will then receive the magazine subscription.

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About Mags4Troops.com

Mags4Troops.com is operated by SubscriptionAgency.com, Inc., a magazine subscription wholesaler. Since 2003, SubscriptionAgency.com has processed millions of magazine subscriptions for individuals, businesses, and non-profits. Veteran founder, Scott Truesdell, knew firsthand how nice it was to receive and pass along magazines during deployments and exercises. One day he was talking with his wife Melanie, the President of SubscriptionAgency.com, about how they could best assist service members with this concept. She had some ideas and Mags4Troops was born.

Mags4Troops.com collects the mailing information for interested service members and matches them with people and businesses that wish to purchase gift subscriptions for them. It is much more efficient than manually subscribing and it allows many more people to participate and thank those serving our nation in the most noble way. Mags4Troops and SubscriptionAgency.com, Inc. hold in high regard all participants in this great venture. It is committed to the highest standard of ethics and respect for everyone's privacy. Under no circumstances will Mags4Troops or SubscriptionAgency.com rent, sell, or give away anyone's information for any purpose other than to fulfill magazine subscriptions.
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